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April 2017

Simple Method for Measuring Safe Seed and Grain Storage Condidtions

Proper storage conditions are essential for maintaining the viability of seeds and safety of dry goods. The seed viability period during storage can be cut in half for each 1% increase in moisture content or 6°C increase in temperature. Fungal growth and pests are also associated with warm, moist conditions, and it is estimated [...]

Top 200 for the 100&Change MacArthur Foundation competition

The SBC is proud to announce that our proposal ranked in the Top 200 for the 100&Change MacArthur Foundation competition. The 100&Change competition awards a $100 million grant to fund a single proposal that will make measurable progress toward solving a significant problem. With 801 total submissions from all around the globe, the Top 200 [...]

February 2017

Absorbent Beads Could Save Energy—and Lives

"Absorbent Beads Could Save Energy—and Lives" in MIT Technology Review: SBC Director Kent Bradford believes a simple ceramic bead that sucks moisture out of the air can make agriculture far more energy efficient and much less expensive. The beads were developed by Rhino Research in Thailand. Bradford and his collaborators there have spent several years testing [...]

January 2017

DryCard™ indicates food dryness

The DryCard™ is an inexpensive device developed by UC Davis researchers for determining if dried food is at a low enough moisture content to prevent mold growth during storage. Moldy food has a bad taste and may be contaminated with harmful toxins. Molds will not grow if the air around a product is lower [...]