Yearly Archives: 2016


November 2016

Pakistan Seed Congress

Distinguished professor and SBC director Kent Bradford was an invited keynote at the 2nd Pakistan Seed Congress, held at the University of Agriculture in Falsalabad (UAF). Technical sessions were led by local and international keynote speakers under the theme of “Seed Security for Sustainable Agriculture”. To conclude the event, a training workshop was held on [...]

October 2016

Using Relative Humidity Indicator Paper to Measure Seed and Commodity Moisture Contents

Declines of seed viability in storage and losses of stored commodities due to fungal spoilage and insect pests are promoted by high moisture content. However, measuring seed or grain moisture content in the field can be difficult, particularly in rural locations in developing countries. Because seed/commodity moisture content is uniquely related to equilibrium relative [...]

January 2016

Scaling up seed-drying technology

NEED TO CONFIRM DATES... Providing smallholder farmers access to high-quality seeds of improved varieties of horticultural crops is fundamental to increasing productivity and incomes. In humid tropical regions, traditional seed production and storage methods without temperature and moisture control result in rapid deterioration of seed quality. Enabling seed companies to dry, store, and [...]